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Hi, I'm Mimi, otherwise known as 'DK' :3
Welcome to my art blog! I usually tag my art with DksArtz. I go by Dragonkat34 on deviantart. ^^

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|| I'm a young adult in college, majoring in studio art, with a specific interest in illustration. I'm a writer and an artist. I make fanart and fanfics as well as original stuff. ||

my main fandom is primeval, but i love so many things!

So I’ve been in a really romantic mood, and these little drawings just happened. :’3 

Conby, Jesker, and Conphen!

I gotta say, the Conphen one is my favorite, though they were all fun to draw ^^

(I know, Jess so doesn’t look like herself, i was running out of muse when i drew her and i redrew her 6 times before i got fed up :P but becker came out ok… and stephen doesn’t look like himself either! ahhhh D: )